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It’s been a while since you went awayA few years ago today

My life has never been the same

And you’re the one to blame

Before you assume the connotation

Of my righteous indignation

Please see that I am happier this way

Why couldn’t things fall apart sooner

It’s just like removing a tumor

Painful but it’s better when you weigh

I thought you were the cutest puppy

Made me feel so loved and lucky

Now I see you’re just a dirty stray

Forever we are tied together

Permanently some bad weather

Ninety eight percent to my dismay

Well there is no going back

I’m stuck with this perpetual attack

It’s like looking for saints in a cabaret

Time to look on the bright side

Things could be worse on this bumpy ride

At least I have a kid and not full blown AIDS

*kanye shrug*

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I can

You can’t afford the luxury of love

But I can offer you bliss

Radiant smiles and on your cheek a peck of a kiss

You can’t afford the soul of a perfect angel

But I can offer you back rubs

Hot meals, hair cuts and bubbles in your bath tub

You can’t afford to let go of the hurt to fully trust again

But I promise to keep you young

Pray for you, listen close and only let words with respect roll off my tongue