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M&M; unfinished

My energy flows where the wild ones go

Amber lights down dark paths

Filling what was once hollow

My body shivers as I imagine

Finally stepping out of the shadows

Venturing into the unknown

Too curious not to follow

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The other L word 

I can finally breathe

I’m open and alive

Then you knock the wind out of me

Warm honey

Like a flower begging for a bee

Minds racing

But I can barely speak

All of me is yours

I’m in your control

If you go deep enough

You’ll feel my soul

Watch me unfold

It’s a wave washing over me

I’m a slave to you totally

Exciting and serene

But chaotic, it’s a dream

I can’t feel this way

It’s so foreign

I use to hate it

Now I love the rain pourin

The way you stare into my eyes

It’s so allurin

What if I told you

What if I told you the truth

It’s been a while since I’ve

Had this sweet tooth

And your power

It’s proof

I was made for you

Breathe me in

Let’s get high and higher

The waves

They always crash eventually

Can we float to shore


Remember this ride

This high forever

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She’s Coming; unfinished

You have seen her before

Back then she was your friend

When you first met her

You both wore a grin

This time when comes

She is coming as a foe

What you did to change her

You don’t even know

She stood right in front of you

You hardly saw her face

Don’t you remember me ?

She says with grace